Six for Sunday: Authors Who Surprised You


Another Sunday, another fabulous #SixforSunday prompt from Steph. This week it’s authors who surprised you.

1. Juno Dawson. I had heard great things about her books, but I did not think that any book about addition could grip me so much that I wouldn’t want to put it down. Then I found Clean.

2. Akemi Dawn Bowman, for writing a book that put something I have been experiencing my whole life into a book. It means all the things to read yourself in the pages of a book, but it also surprised me that finally there was someone out there who understood.

3. Holly BourneFor reasons I am not sure of, I thought Holly wrote cheesy romance-type stories, which are great if you like that kind of thing. I generally don’t. I picked up It Only Happens in the Movies so that I wouldn’t feel left out of an event the Northern Book Bloggers were attending. Then I realised I had been so very wrong about Holly’s books.

4. Samantha ShannonWe’ve talked about my feelings at the end of The Mime Order, yes? I am still reeling from that ending. I honestly don’t think I will ever be over it.

5. Muhammad KhanI’m not sure really what I expected from I Am ThunderI did not expect that. This book shook me. If you haven’t read it yet, you really need to get on that.

6. Angie Thomas. Honestly, I thought The Hate U Give was one of those books that I wouldn’t be able to genuinely enjoy because it had so much hype. It kept me wide awake on the flight home from New Zealand, and I loved it more than I thought I could.

That’s me for the week! Which authors have surprised you? 


9 thoughts on “Six for Sunday: Authors Who Surprised You

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  1. Great choices! I loved THUG and I Am Thunder. I’m also a big fan of Holly’s work. I still need to make a start on The Bone Season but plan to do so soon – Samantha Shannon always amazes me just hearing her speak so I’m sure her writing will be something I adore. I bought Starfish because of you so when my heart is torn out and broken, it’ll be your fault 🙂

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