August Happy Things

Writing about little moments of happiness is something that I used to do regularly when I first started blogging. I stopped because I was trying to write paragraphs of text about the little things that made me happy and it just wasn’t working. Then, like most new bloggers, I became fixated with views and comments and those happy posts just weren’t getting the reaction newbie me wanted. I am so over that now. First and foremost, I write by blog for me, and I hope that along the way someone occasionally finds something I write interesting. I recently started recording things that make me happy in my bullet journal, and my friend Steph writes lists of things that make her happy, and they are some of my favourite posts of hers. So I am shamelessly copying her style and listing the things that made me happy this month, and I hope it’s going to become a regular thing again.

happy things

S’s little excited face when our friends took him camping. Taking myself out for dinner. Joyous bookish evening with V.E.Schwab, Dhonielle Clayton, Sarah Maria Griffin and Christina Henry. Reading two books in one day. Watching Love, Simon on early release. Afternoon naps! Cinema trip with husband. Series Crackdown Readathon. Friends reading my favourite books for the first time. Lie ins! Sleep for the win! Reading dates. Family Fun at the Get North Expo. Reading sprints. S turning seven. Greatest Showman birthday cake. Wallings ice-cream. Many Wallings ice-creams. Stealing my niece for the day and visiting relatives. Pre-ordering books I’m excited for. Walking in the Lakes. Reading on a wall in the sunshine. Chinese food. Quality time with Nana. S leaving me a book and a teddy on my pillow when we were away. Drunk Snapchats. Sleeping in my own bed after being away. Visits from friends. Bookish dates. Friends who appreciate my kid. My kid asking to go to the bookshop. Harry Potter Lego mini-figures. Half days off work. The feeling of pressure leaving my brain after a migraine. The rain. Oh, how I love a good rain storm. White noise app on my phone. Gilmore Girls re-watch. Fluffy pancakes with salted caramel. Having the lushest friends a girl could have. The Moscow State Circus. My lovely friends getting married and having their perfect day. Molly the moose in my Nottingham hotel room. Cocktails, chicken wings and burgers with my lush work colleagues. S wanting to be a blogger. Highlands holiday time!

What’s been making you happy this month?

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