Mini Reviews: Fantasy Reads

Hello! I've decided to start doing a "Mini Reviews" feature for a selection of the books I read. I read more books each month than I can feasibly write and post full reviews of, and this seemed like a good alternative. I'm aiming for each review to be under 200 words and for the books... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo

Six of Crows was always going to be a tough act to follow, but Crooked Kingdom is a worthy successor and hooked me in from the very start. If you haven’t yet read Six of Crows and spoilers are a thing that bother you, please look away now, because I am about to do some... Continue Reading →

My YALC Haul

Yesterday, I wrote about my experience at my first YALC. Today, I'm sharing my book haul. Disclaimer: I got a lot of books. Most of these are books I bought. I saved hard and I treated myself. I regret nothing (except not having more space on my book shelves, and having to carry them all... Continue Reading →

Coffee and… YALC

It's Wednesday. It's been aaaaaggggggeeeeesss since YALC happened. You've probably read 900 of these YALC round ups. Here's mine. The Coffee: This week I'm drinking another excellent Brazilian coffee: the Santa Ines from  Steampunk Coffee Roasters. It tastes good. YALC: I did wonder whether or not to do a write up of YALC. There are so... Continue Reading →

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