Six for Sunday: Advice to New Bloggers

This week, our illustrious leader (aka Steph) has asked us to give six pieces of advice to new bloggers. This makes me feel like a giant fraud because I should in no way be giving advice on blogging to anyone, but here goes: 1. Find your own voice. This one is so important. Your voice... Continue Reading →

A Bookish September

Excuse me? How is it the end of September already? I have had a mixed month life-wise, but book-wise it was great. At the end of August Mount Ted was 328 books high. I'm pretty sure at some point I forgot to add some books to my Goodreads Mount Ted list because the numbers are... Continue Reading →

Coffee and… September Book Haul

This week, my coffee and I are sitting down to assess this month's damage. Aka my latest book hauls. Join us? The Coffee: This week I'm drinking Liquidambar from Square Mile Roasters. It's brilliantly named. The Books: Bought And Then We Collided by Roseanna Threakall and Josh Baldwin. I just adore Rosie, and if you've... Continue Reading →

A Happy September

Here's what's been making me happy this month: Brunching with my boys. Great coffee. Sleeping in my own bed. Introducing Sam to The Prisoner of Azkaban. Cracking open a new book. A great TBR picked by Steph. Managing to hold it together when S got sick. Summer Bird Blue arriving in the post. New safety... Continue Reading →

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