Six for Sunday: Favourite Blog Posts You’ve Read


Dear Miss A Little But A Lot,

Charlotte has not done her assigned homework this week because it was Much Too Hard to choose just six posts that are favourites she has read. So instead, she is turning in an alternative assignment of favourite blog posts that inspired her to become a blogger, and one post that won the internet. I hope this is a suitable alternative.

Kind Regards,


1. Steph was the first blogger I really interacted with. She allowed an over-enthusiastic me to crash her trip to see Patrick Ness at the Tyneside Cinema (a good 4-5 months before I started blogging), and she was super lovely. I loved hearing all about her YA book events and blogging so much that I started stalking her blog immediately. This post, summing up her 2016 and talking about how much she loved blogging and all that goes with it, really made me want to pick up my keyboard.

2. Cora was at the Patrick Ness event too, and was just as friendly and welcoming as Steph. Naturally, she was subjected to the same rigorous online stalking that Steph received. I loved this post on The People in Your Pocket, which was much love for online friendships. I related to this so much having met some of my very best friends online. I also loved her Cora and the Rereads posts, which filled me with confidence that reading older books and blogging about them was a viable option.

3. Rachel doesn’t blog now, but I am fairly sure she used to. Aside from her blog posts, which from memory were all 100 words or less (and were fantastic reviews), she is also the founder of #SundayYA which I absolutely adore, and whose Easter Readathon encouraged me to finally take the plunge and start a blog.

4. Grace has been one of my inspirations from day one. I loved this post summing up her month. I think this was one of the first posts I read from Grace’s blog, and I quickly devoured her archive. She is such a fantastic blogger.

5. My other huge inspiration is Cait aka Paper Fury whose posts regularly have me in stitches. This one about flying away on a pigeon and unrealistic things in fiction made my side ache forever. I love Cait’s posts.

My next and final favourite post I’ve read is a far more recent one, and one that just won the internet for me this summer, and that’s…

6. Layla with #KazDoesYALC. I adored Six of Crows, and I followed Layla’s cosplay updates with much joy. The end result was stunning and this post, and the accompanying Twitter thread were just exceptional.

That’s it. Six of my favourite posts I’ve read. What posts would make your list? Link them below? I’d love to check out your favourites.

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