A Happy September

happy things

Here’s what’s been making me happy this month:


Brunching with my boys. Great coffee. Sleeping in my own bed. Introducing Sam to The Prisoner of Azkaban. Cracking open a new book. A great TBR picked by Steph. Managing to hold it together when S got sick. Summer Bird Blue arriving in the post. New safety razor (I am easily pleased). Starting to declutter the house. Early nights. Getting the blankets out. Sunny Autumn days. Rainy Autumn nights. Autumn. Car snoozes. Chinese food and catching up with Nana. Catching up on blogging. My niece’s Christening. Puppy cuddles. Wallings ice-cream. Early nights. Gilmore Girls re-watch. Eating pancakes and watching The Great British Bake Off. S singing Defying Gravity very enthusiastically in the shower. Book post! Booking Christmas holiday tickets to Harry Potter studio tour. Finally getting my hands on the last chapters of A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder. Homemade soup to cure my cold. Trip to the bookshop with my boy. The lush staff in the Newcastle Waterstones Basement. S loving his reading. Wicked! Coffee in bed. Organising my kitchen. Sunday dinners. My people. Quiet days. Crunchy leaves. Autumn colours. Catching up with wonderful friends. I have the BEST friends. Warm cake straight from the oven. A purple cardigan. Super cuddly small child. Dog cuddles. Wagamama donburi bowls. Frendiversary-ish night at Patrick Ness with Steph and Cora. Patrick Ness. Gin. Waffle brunch. Fish and chip tea. Sleep. Brilliant books. All of the books. 

What’s been making you happy this month?


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