Six for Sunday: Advice to New Bloggers


This week, our illustrious leader (aka Steph) has asked us to give six pieces of advice to new bloggers. This makes me feel like a giant fraud because I should in no way be giving advice on blogging to anyone, but here goes:

1. Find your own voice. This one is so important. Your voice is the thing that will make your blog unique and make you stand out from everyone else. Don’t copy someone else’s style because you think they’re better. Be yourself.

2. Write the things you love. This is similar to point 1, but write about the things that you’re passionate about. I fell into the trap, like I imagine others have, of writing what I think others want to read, even if it’s not something I care about. It shows in your writing and it will kill your love of blogging.

3. Read what you want. This kind of links to the above too, but don’t fall into the trap of reading what you think everyone else is. Reading what you love is important, and some of my favourite blogs are those where the bloggers write about books I might not have picked up myself.

4. Do some planning and think about your formatting before you start. Don’t do a Charlotte and dive in with a half-arsed blog format and no idea what you want anything to look like. It’s a good idea to spend some time thinking about what you want your blog to look like. I went through several iterations before settling on using my own photography as the basis for my headers and pictures, and over a year later there are still things I want to fiddle around with.

5. Show some love to other blogs. If you don’t engage with other bloggers by reading and commenting on their posts, chances are they won’t read and comment on yours.

6. Join in the chats. Similar to the above, but blogging is a community. I don’t think I appreciated that so much early on, but I enjoy blogging so much more since I started to join in with chats and made blogger friends.

What tips would you give to a new blogger? 

7 thoughts on “Six for Sunday: Advice to New Bloggers

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  1. Fantastic tips here 🙂
    Definitely find and use your own voice – it is beyond obvious when you try to copy someone else and it just doesn’t come across as genuine.
    And *yes*! Read what you want! Sure, you won’t get as many hits from a local crime book as you would Sarah J Maas’ most recent, but then if you’re in it just for the hits are you sure you’re in it for the right reason?
    Cora |

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