Book Review: True Sisters by Keren David

True Sisters is a brilliant story about family and how it isn’t always the one you are born into.


It is written from duel viewpoints of two young girls: Ruby (a girl whose mother taken in foster children) and Clara (her latest foster sister).

True Sisters starts very evocatively with Clara being removed from her mother’s care:

“This is how it feels when they raid your home.”

I really felt for Clara from the outset. I felt her fear at being separated from her mother and taken from the only home she has ever known. Clara wants nothing more than to leave her foster home. She doesn’t understand why she is there and why she can’t go home to her mum. We see her view of the social care system, how she views her foster mother as a witch and the social worker as “the stealer”.

Ruby has complicated feelings too. She’s proud of her mum for wanting to help the children she fosters, but she also resents it a little, because her mum is often caring for others when she should be there for Ruby. Ruby is also having friendship troubles at school.

Both girl’s voices are captured perfectly. Both girls are learning how to listen to others and make connections with them, but their stories are very different.

I loved watching both of them growing, seeing Ruby accept who she is and Clara start to come out of her shell and become adjusted to the world outside of her home.

True Sisters would be a lovely story to share with young people who are involved in the foster system in any way, but it is also a great read for any young reader to show how all families are different.

Thanks to Barrington Stoke who provided a review copy of True Sisters in exchange for my honest review. 

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