Book Review: A Far Away Magic by Amy Wilson

Amy Wilson is swiftly becoming one of my favourite authors, and this is the book that sparked my love of her beautiful stories and lyrical writing.


A Far Away Magic tells the stories of Bavar and Angel, and what happens when their lives collide.

Bavar just wants to be invisible. He is under a lot of pressure at home to live up to his role as master of the house and his responsibility of keeping the magic barrier in place that prevents the terrifying Raksasa. His parents are absent, but he has an Aunt who looks after him and his house is filled with ancestors. The downside of this is that there is always someone telling him what he should be doing. They all want him to do the one thing he doesn’t want to: step up to his duty and fight.

Angel also wants to be invisible to those around her, she isn’t interested in making friends, she just wants to be left alone. She is living with foster parents Mary and Paul and struggling with her grief. then she sees Bavar at school, and is struck by his strange awkwardness and the air of magic around him.

Their friendship isn’t an easy or natural one, and I loved watching them grow to be friends and learning how to manage their differences and work together against a common enemy.

Amy’s writing is beautiful and I cannot get enough of it. I am really looking forward to more from her!



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