Mini Reviews: Feminist Books

In this edition of Mini Reviews, I'm reviewing some recent-ish feminist reads. The Belles by Dhonielle Clayton The people of Orléans revere beauty above all else. Camellia and her sisters are the new Belles. They all want to be the Favourite, the Queen's approved Belle, the Belle who is above all. Camellia is about to... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Bright Ruin by Vic James

Oh, Bright Ruin, where do I even start with reviewing this book? This book is the third in the Dark Gifts Trilogy by Vic James (this review will contain spoilers for the first two books, consider yourselves warned). Tarnished City threw every theory I had out of the window, so I went into Bright Ruin... Continue Reading →

Coffee and… My October Bullet Journal

This month I am loving my Bullet Journal. Join me in a coffee and a look through? The Coffee: Another week, another Square Mile Kilimanjaro coffee. This week, it's the Pulped Natural, with tasting notes of clementine and hazelnut. The Journal: I am so happy with my Bullet Journal this month. I started early and waited until... Continue Reading →

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