Six for Sunday: Dream Panels / Events


Another week of Steph torturing us with impossible prompts. SIGH. This week it’s Dream Panels / Events, and let me tell you, this was HARD. After much thought (and a few swears), this is what I came up with:

1. Vic James and Jay Kristoff. Authors of two of my most favourite dark, twisted fantasy series. I would love to see these two together. It would possibly be the darkest panel ever to take place.

2.  Katherine Webber, Sara Barnard and Holly Bourne. These are three of my absolute favourite contemporary writers and I think they’d make a great panel. I would never want this panel to end.

3. Alice Broadway and Samantha Shannon. I love what I have read from both these writers. They have both written intricate books where stories are important, and I think they would make a really interesting panel.

4. Amy Wilson, Ross Montgomery, Ross MacKenzie and Kiran Millwood-Hargrave. These are some of my favourite Middle Grade writers and I have loved all of their books. This panel would be a middle grade dream team.

5. Akemi Dawn Bowman and Lydia Ruffles. These two have written books that have meant a lot to me personally, so to see them both in the same panel talking about their books would be a dream come true.

6. Sarah Maria Griffin and Melinda Salisbury. I have seen these two separately and they both have me in absolute stitches every time they speak, but they also have a lot of important and sensible things to say. I think I would die of the awesomeness of these two on a panel together.

Who would you like to see on a panel? 




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