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hello everybody today I am doing some book reviews about Sam Wu books and my mummy is not going to be writing any so it is just me. But mummy is going to make the typing look nicer because that bit is boring and I am going to play Harry Potter.

The books about Sam Wu are written by Katie Tsang and Kevin Tsang and they have got the same name because they are married and they have written the books together. I don’t think my mummy and daddy would write a book together because mum likes fun books and dad only likes the boring ones. They are about a boy called Sam who is not scared of anything. And that is just like my name and me because I am not scared of anything.

Sam wu

Sam Wu is Not Afraid of Ghosts

This is the first Sam Wu book. Sam says that he is not scared of ghosts but Sam is scared because he has never seen a ghost before. I liked Sam’s snake and when he he climbed into the vent to find his snake. This book is really funny and Sam does lots of funny and silly things. I really like this book. I am going to give it one thousand million stars and read it lots of times.

Sam Wu is Not Afraid of Sharks

This is Sam Wu book number two and Sam thinks he is not scared of sharks. Sam is afraid of sharks is because sharks eat fish and people and that is scary. I liked the bit where Sam saves an old man from a wave he thought it was a shark fin because that was a very kind thing to do and Sam was a bit brave. I liked it when Butterbutt bites Sam. Butterbutt is the cat and he is funny because his name is like a butt. I will give one thousand million stars and one to Sam Wu is Not Afraid of Ghosts. I like it very  much.

Thankyou for reading my reviews and I hope that you like them and that you will read the Sam Wu books too and tell me about it. Let me know what you would like me to do a blog post about next. I will be back in 2 weeks.

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