Six for Sunday: Authors You’d Love to See Collaborate


Steph is either spoiling me or trying to destroy me with this week’s prompt. Dream collaborations between authors.

1. Sara Barnard and Melinda Salisbury. These two are my absolute dream team. They worked together on the amazing Floored book, but I would really love to see them collaborate again, and I’m pretty sure our lovely hostess Steph would be up for this too.

2. Shea Earnshaw and Alice Hoffman. These are two incredible authors whose work I adore, and I would love to see what they could come up with if they worked together.

3. Melinda Salisbury and Alexandra Christo. The vampire mermaids I suggested after their panel at NYA Lit Fest needs to be a thing, and these two would be perfect for writing it.

4. Katherine Webber and Akemi Dawn Bowman. Both have written books that have broken my heart. Imagine the damage they would do to my swinging brick if they teamed up!

5. Sara Barnard and Laura Steven. These are the Queens of contemporary books with gritty and important issues. I would be really excited to see them come up with something together.

6. Vic James and Jay Kristoff. Authors of two of my  favourite, most traumatising book series. I would love to see what dark worlds they could create together.

Which authors would you like to see collaborate?


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