Six for Sunday: Characters You’d Love to See Together


Oh hey Steph. Thanks for another impossible prompt! Loving it pal. I’ve decided to make it harder for myself by choosing pairings of characters from books by the same author.

1. Twylla from The Sin Eater’s Daughter and Sorrow from State of Sorrow. Two amazing girls making a positive impact on the world around them despite the lack of support and care from their families. These two rock.

2. Owl from A Girl Called Owl and Angel from A Far Away Magic. I would love to see these two together. Both are dealing with family issues and weird magical happenings. I think they’d be a good source of support for each other.

3. Rumi from Summer Bird Blue and Kiko from Starfish. They are both having a really tough time in their stories and trying to find meaning in their creative hobbies. I think these two would get on really well.

4. Arlo from Colour Me In and Lux from The Taste of Blue Light. Two very different characters struggling to open up about their mental health difficulties. Having the other in their life might give each of them someone who really understands what they’re going through and I’d love to see them together.

5. Reiko from Only Love Can Break Your Heart and Wing from Wing Jones. Two of my absolute favourite characters. Both are dealing with grief and trying to be strong. I think these two would be amazing together, and if that book was anything like Katie’s others, it would be a heart breaker.

6. Evie from Am I Normal Yet? and Audrey from It Only Happens In The Movies. Two teenage girls in different, but complicated situations trying to be their best, most feminist selves. I think these two would get on like a house on fire.

Which characters would you like to see together?

5 thoughts on “Six for Sunday: Characters You’d Love to See Together

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  1. Evie and Audrey are SUCH a great shout, especially since they’re both so interested in films/media studies! I think Morrigan from Nevermoor might benefit from meeting Harry Potter, as both of them are very much in the public eye and judged by others. I’d also pair her with Stella from Polar Bear Explorers Club for similar reasons I think.
    Amy x

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