Books with the Boy: The Greatest Showman Book Tag

Hello everyone. Today I am doing The Greatest Showman Book Tag but I am a bit confused because The Greatest Showman is not a book and none of the answers are about the film. This is a bit weird. Mummy says I have to tell you that she pinched this from her friend’s blog: The Cliche Bookworm. I told her that pinching things is naughty but she said this is not. I am very confused.


Ladies and gents, this is the moment you’ve waited for…

The Greatest Show: A book that gave you all the feels

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. This made me happy and sad and angry and a bit scared.

Come Alive: A book where a character finally accepts themselves

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone when Harry finds out he is a wizard.

The Other Side: A character who changes your opinion of them

This is my favourite song from the film. Sam Wu because at first I thought he was a scaredy cat but he is quite brave.

Never Enough – An author/series you could never get enough of

Harry Potter. Mummy says I have to stop telling everyone Harry Potter for all of my answers but I am probably not going to stop.

This Is Me – A book you love despite everyone hating it

Father Christmas Needs A Wee. I don’t know if everyone hates it but my Dad definitely does not like reading it to me.

Rewrite The Stars – A bookish OTP that overcame a lot to finally be together

I don’t know what a OTP is and Mummy said I am a bit too young to understand but she told me some of the idea and I am picking Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley because they have to get through the big battle of Hogwarts and then they get married.

Tightrope: A book/series that gives you trust issues

Harry Potter because bad things keep happening and there was a bit where Buckbeak was dead and now he is not dead.

From now on: A book you’ve ignored for so long, you need to read it ASAP

Sofa Dog by Leoni Lord. I have had this for a long time but probably not as long as mum has had some of her books.

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I hope you have enjoyed this post even though it is not hardly anything about The Greatest Showman and it is a bit weird. In December I will be doing some more posts. See you then.

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