Mini Reviews: Dystopia

In this edition of Mini Reviews, I’m looking at some of my recent Dystopia reads. This is one of my absolute favourite genres and I loved each and every one of these books.

mini review

City of Dust by Michelle Kenney

This is the much anticipated sequel to Book of Fire which I read and loved last year. Tal is back in Arafel. She (and everyone else there) is struggling with the loss of her grandfather. She is with Max now, but her feelings are complicated because she still cares deeply for August. This gives us a great love triangle in this book, which is sometimes really awkward to read, and packed with feelings on all sides. I loved it. Aelia comes to Arafel to see Tal and takes something she shouldn’t, leading Tal to head back into Pantheon where some seriously dark things are happening. The Pantheon experiments and plans in this book chilled me to the bone; Cassius is a terrifying man. I loved the reappearance of Unus, who is still my absolute favourite character (although is someone wants to get their hands on a vampire bat for me, I wouldn’t turn it down) and I also really enjoyed the new character, Lake. City of Dust is a brilliant, fast-paced adventure with some serious twists and shocking betrayals. It kept me to on my toes from start to finish. A perfect sequel.

Glass Town Wars by Celia Rees


I received a copy of this book from Pushkin in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my views in any way.

Glass Town Wars was inspired by the early writings of the Bronte sisters and tells the story of Tom and Augusta, who are from different times and different places. They meet in the virtual world of Glass Town where they are involved in battles to save the kingdom and, in Augusta’s case, to avoid being married off to a man she can’t stand. It is a very plot driven novel, fast paced and packed with action in both worlds. I felt it lacked some insight into the characters and their motivations,. The book takes place partly in the historical setting of Glass Town and partly in the present day, where Tom is in a coma. Personally, I engaged with the present day setting more, I found the technology explored here fascinating and the characters more interesting. This is a very cleverly written novel, perfect for fans of historical fiction, advanced technology and anyone who enjoys the work of the Brontes.

Evolution by Teri Terry

Evolution is the finale to this amazing trilogy. It opens with things still very strained between Shay and Kai; Kai is struggling to accept what Shay has become and she is still obsessed with her new power and unconsciously pushing him away. This made my heart hurt and my brain want to bang their heads together. I love these two together. Shay is struggling with the revelation that Xander is her father (fair) and finds herself in a settlement filled with survivors, learning to manage and explore their powers. Shay finds herself looking deeper in to the DNA changes and what causes some to survive and others to perish. I found her investigations fascinating, and the science was easily accessible. I loved finding out more about what happened to Callie. I also loved the intrigue and hint of darkness around the whole settlement, although when Xander put Shay in a particularly difficult position it made me sick to my stomach. When Shay gets to the bottom of the mystery, she resolves to change things and this brings the series to a dramatic and thrilling conclusion. I’ve loved every bit of this trilogy, and highly recommend it for any dystopia fans.

Have you read any of these?

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