Coffee and… A Happy November

This week, my coffee and I are sitting down to look at what’s been making me happy this month.

coffee and...

The Coffee:

Another week, another Steampunk coffee. This week I am drinking the Mormora again. It’s a beautiful coffee and I cannot get enough of it.

The Things: 


Making my living room look like the Ravenclaw Common Room. Starting to get the house cleaner. A Discovery of Witches on TV. Making plans for a new tattoo. Sofa snoozes. Reading sprints with my faves. We are getting a puppy! Pupdate pictures. Evening dog walks. Taking myself to see the Hate U Give Film. Firework display with the boys. Armchair naps. Roast dinners. Chocolate. Coffee. New socks. Crunchy leaves. Cardigans. Blankets. Halloween themed dog socks (who cares if they’re off season, they’re awesome). Christmas jumpers. Blogging. Smores french toast. Great books. Dog cuddles. Fish and chippy tea. My friends rocking their lives. Reading sprints. Choosing our new boy pupper. Pupdates. Afternoon naps. My boy carrying the flag for the Beavers in the Remembrance Day parade. Awesome book post. Visiting the Fenwick Christmas window with my boys. Finding time to read before work. Clearing out my bookshelves and having them full of books I’m desperate to read. The Way It Ends by Landon Pigg. Binge watching The Crown on Netflix. New hair colour. Sofa naps. Fresh bedding on the weekends. Days out to North Berwick. Steampunk coffee. Homemade rice pudding. Reading a whole book in one sitting. Video pupdates. Catching up with my fave over breakfast. 

What’s been making you happy this month? 

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