Books with the Boy: Why I’m Looking Forward to a UK Christmas


Last year I spent my Christmas in New Zealand with my Nana and Grandad in New Zealand and my aunties and uncle and by baby cousin. It was very sunny and we did lots of adventures.


I am very excited to be having Christmas at my own home in the UK this year. Here is some reasons why:

1. What I like about Christmas in the UK is I REALLY like it when we get our own Christmas tree in our own house.

2. What I really like about my tree is that I have a bauble on it that me and mummy made that’s got me and Neville (who is going to be our new puppy) neatly cut out from a photo put in it and put it in that bauble and I can see it on the tree every day.

3. I get to be in my school play and be Shepherd Number one and say “be quiet” to the sheep and “why does no-one listen to me?”

4. I like to have my own Christmas dinner, because in New Zealand they just have regular food on Christmas Day and that is weird.

5. I really like that Dexter will get some presents at Christmas too, and that we get to be at home with Dexter on Christmas day because I missed him last year.

6. Most importantly of all I like that Santa doesn’t get confused about where to put my presents. Because last year I got a video from Santa when we were in New Zealand saying that he heard we had changed our plans and we were going to be staying in New Zealand for Christmas and then when I went to see him he had to apologise because all of the presents that I had chosen on my list were in the UK sack and he had to deliver something different to New Zealand and then I had to get my other presents when I got home and it was very confusing.

What things do you enjoy about Christmas? Do you like to have Christmas at your own home?

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