Books with the Boy: The Dog Who Saved Christmas by Nicola Davies


I was sent this book by Kirstin from Barrington Stoke to do a review of. I have saved it until December to read so that it was nearly Christmas, because it is good to read a book about Christmas when it is nearly here.

It was about a dog and a boy named Jake who named the dog Susan but some other people had the dog first and they were named Robert and Eleanor and they called the dog Tess. But they had a car incident and were taken to hospital and then Tess got found by Jake and renamed Susan. Then Robert and Eleanor come back to find their dog and take her home.

Susan helps to calm Jake down because when he does not have Susan he gets very panicked about things and finds lots of things very difficult.

A bit in the book made me very sad when Susan got taken back, and then my favourite bit was when she came back to live with Jake.

I liked that it was about Christmas and the message is that Christmas is not just about snowball fights and fairy lights and Christmas trees, it’s about being apart of a family.

I think some other children will like to read this because I enjoyed it and people who have a dog like Susan or who have feelings and panicks and find things difficult like Jake will like it, but younger children like three or four or five years old might get a bit too sad to read it.

I liked it and I would give it a million quadrillion stars.

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