Coffee and… A Happy December

For this last Coffee and… post of the year I’m sitting down to do my last list of happy things for 2018.

coffee and...

The Coffee:

Okay. Major cheat here, this week I’m actually drinking hot honey and lemon with ginger, I have another rancid cold, my sinuses are blocked and aching and I can’t face coffee.

The List: 


Edinburgh with my Queens. A new tattoo. Catching up with friends. Mulled wine. Gin. Christmas jumpers. Christmas markets. Mexican food. Pupdates. Christmas bedding. Breakfasts with friends. Lavender pillow spray. The Ink audioboook. New glasses (these would be even better if I remembered to wear them). Art afternoon with the boy. Meeting Neville in person! Puppy cuddles. Visiting Santa and his naughty elf. Putting our tree up. Tea with one of my favourites. Reading Two Boys Kissing.  Cuddles with Dexter. Scarves. Watching S in the school play. Hot honey and lemon. Finally getting some answers about why I’ve been ill for the last four years. Wrapping presents. Getting lovely Christmas cards. Christmas parties. Christmas markets. Time with the family. 

What’s been making you happy this month? 

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