The Christmas, Books and I Tag

I have shamelessly stolen this from my friend Sarah’s blog. This looked like a fun Christmas-themed tag, which my Blogmas was definitely in need of.

Coffee and.... (10)

Where do you usually spend your Christmas?

Since we had S, we have spent Christmas Day at home. At some point, we visit our family in the North West. Last year was the first year we did something different, and we spent that in New Zealand. We’re all really looking forward to a cold and cosy UK Christmas at home this year.

How do you usually spend your Christmas? 

S is a creature of habit, so Christmas starts when he gets out of bed at 7.15am. We have stocking presents in bed, before heading downstairs to see what Santa left. We have something nice for breakfast (it’s ranged from cake to pastries to pancakes and fruit over the last few years – this year we’re thinking of doing muffins). Over the course of the morning we will call relatives, or they will call us. Sometimes we’ve skyped the New Zealand relatives. Then S will play with his toys whilst I get the dinner cooking. I know lots of people don’t like being in the kitchen at Christmas, but I love cooking a Christmas dinner. We will eat around 1.30pm and then spend the afternoon with S playing with his toys and games, maybe read a bit and sometimes a film. It’s usually an early night all round!

Would you rather read a book or spend time with your family?

Can I do both? It depends. I love being with my little family at Christmas, but I also love to pick up a book in a quiet moment.

What genre of books do you enjoy reading during the Christmas season?

I don’t really do seasonal reading. I just like to read books. All the books. This Christmas I plan to be catching up on some of my proofs, so I’ll be reading a variety.

Do you know any book related to Christmas?

I’m not sure I totally understand this question, but I’m going to copy what Sarah did and attach a book to a memory. I love to read The Night Before Christmas with S just before bed. We also really love Father Christmas Needs a Wee and Mog’s Christmas Calamity in our house.

What desserts / sweets do you like to eat on Christmas Eve / Christmas Day?

All of them? I don’t like Christmas cake or Christmas pudding. We generally have a steamed marmalade pudding on Christmas day. I’m partial to a mince pie. I love chocolate.

How many books have you read so far this month?

At the time of writing this, I’ve read 5 books, but I’m hoping to have got through at least two more by the time you’re reading this post.

How many books do you want to read before the end of the month?

There are two more I’m committed to finishing before Christmas. I’d like to think I’ll get through another two or three before the end of the month at least.

How many books do you think you’re going to get this Christmas?

Probably none! Most of our relatives are kindly giving us cash for our trip to Harry Potter studios in the new year. There’s a chance I’ll get a book in my Secret Santa exchange. This year a couple of blogger friends (Amy and Louise) and I decided that instead of exchanging gifts in the post, we’d accept the thing we most like to do is shop for books, so we each treated ourselves to two new books as our gift from the others. So I could count those and say two!

Is there any book you’d really like to get?

In the gift exchange with Amy and Louise I got two I really wanted: Snowglobe and Queen of Air and Darkness.

Would you rather give or receive presents?

Honestly, I’d rather give them. I especially love to see S’s little face light up when he opens his gifts. And watching Dexter tear into a new toy or dog treat is always a delight.

What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?

Food and my family. Christmas dinner is one of my favourite meals, closely followed by the leftover Christmas dinner sandwich. I also love the company of my little family.

What things make Christmas for you? If you do this tag, I’d love to see your answers. 

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  1. I don’t really tend to do (much) seasonal reading either! I do quite like rereading favourites (last year I was reading the Geek Girl series in the 2nd half of December, and Boy in the Tower), but I’m not sure if I’ll be doing that this year yet. I might decide to pick up a few new things I’ve bought and would like to get to, or I might still be reading the review copied I want read this month (though I only have 3 left so I’ll probably be finished them!)
    Chocolate is 100% my fave Christmas snack. Your Christmas day plans sound lovely 💜
    Amy x

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