Books of Christmas Past: Batman

Coffee and.... (7)

Why I Bought It:

When it first came out, everyone is talking about this Batman origin story. I love an origin story and I’m a big fan of Batman so I got a copy. Naturally, it then spent an age on my TBR.

What I Thought:

I found this book got off to a slow start, but it did pick up around half way through and I enjoyed the story. I did expect it to be more the story of Bruce Wayne as Batman though and it is very much Bruce before Batman.

I loved Alfred from the start and the interaction between him and Bruce was perfect. Madeline was by far the most intriguing character and it was only because I wanted to know what she was playing at that I read this to the end. I did enjoy the twists and it was a good read, but not a favourite.

Have you read this one? Or any others in the DC series?

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