Bye Bye 2018!

Well, that’s the end of another year! I don’t really know where this year has gone.

At the end of 2017 I made some resolutions. How did they go?
Breakfast – I did get a waffle pan. It’s not the best and I do really want to get a decent one. I have had more treaty breakfasts this year, with my little family and also with my friends. Huge shout out to Steph for introducing me to the joy that is a Quilliams breakfast.
Adventures – we’ve definitely done this this year. We’ve had some great trips out (I have especially loved North Berwick), a lovely holiday exploring a new part of the highlands, and done new things in our local area (different walks and trips with S).
Be more mindful of my impact on the world – I’ve been working hard on this one and we’ve made a lot of changes with the products we use in our home and made more conscious choices when out shopping. There’s always room to do more but I am pleased with the changes I’ve made this year.
Be nicer – LOL. Move it along. Nothing to see here.
Try new things – this is a thing I have done some of this year. We’ve explored new places and I’ve tried things I might not have done before (namely sea kayacking)! I could stand to be a more adventurous person still, but it’s a start.

I also set myself some reading challenges for the year:
Where in the World? This challenge was to read six books, each from a different continent. I completed this one.
Magic Square. I read 23 of the 25 books for this challenge. I only missed a classic and a biography, neither of which interested me.
Book Riot Read Harder. This was a difficult challenge and I didn’t complete it. I managed 19 of the 24 books for this challenge.
Netgalley Crackdown – I set out to get 10 books off my list. I have managed to completely empty my netgalley shelf and I am really thrilled with this.

My final Mount Ted Count for the year is 251 books. I’m pretty happy with this too.

Tomorrow, I’m going to be sharing my goals for 2019.
Do you set yourself reading goals? How have yours gone this year?


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  1. You’ve done so well with all your goals, well done! I’ve felt like this year has went weirdly quickly too; I genuinely can’t quite get my head round the fact it’s 2019 tomorrow. Have loved reading your posts this year, and am looking forward to more next year πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
    Amy x

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