A Bookish January

This is the first of my stats-type posts for 2019, and I'm going to be doing them a little differently. Let me know what you think? This month my TBR was chosen by the lovely Rosie of Rosie Freckle Reads. I absolutely loved the books Rosie chose for me to read, and have definitely found some... Continue Reading →

Coffee and… Happy January

Today I'm sitting down with my coffee to think about the things that have made me smile this month. Join me? The Coffee: Today, I'm drinking another coffee from Dear Green. It's a Kenyan called Tano Ndogo AB and has tasting notes of clementine, guava, jasmine and honeysuckle. The Things: Finishing Harry Potter book 4... Continue Reading →

Six for Sunday: Bookish Hates

Last week, I shared my bookish loves, this week it's bookish hates. Thanks to Steph for another great Six for Sunday prompt. 1. Nonsensical twists. You know, the ones that you couldn't possibly have guessed because they don't make any sense, or they rely on information that the author hasn't revealed in the book. I always... Continue Reading →

Coffee and… The Puppy Life

So, regular readers might have noticed I've not been posting regularly so far this year, and the reason for that is little Neville the Cocker Spaniel, who bounded into our lives just under a fortnight ago. Join me in a coffee and some puppy pictures? The Coffee: This week I am drinking a coffee from... Continue Reading →

Mini Reviews: Barrington Stoke Books

In this edition of mini reviews I'm sharing review of two books I've been sent by Barrington Stoke. Barrington Stoke are one of my favourite children's publishers offering a great variety of kids books (including some of mine and S's favourites), which are designed to help children with dyslexia / visual issues. And Kirstin, the... Continue Reading →

Six for Sunday: Bookish Wishes

Another Sunday and our hostess of awesome Steph, is asking us to share six bookish wishes. Here are mine: 1. A Melinda Salisbury / Sara Barnard collaboration. I don't think the world is ready for that level of awesome, but I would wish for it all the same. 2. An Ajita spin-off. Laura Steven's The Exact Opposite... Continue Reading →

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