Coffee and… My 2019 Bullet Journal Set Up

This week, I’m sitting down with my coffee to share my 2019 Bullet Journal set up and yearly spreads. Join me?

coffee and...

The Coffee

This week I am drinking Hambella, an Ethiopian coffee from Atkinson’s Coffee Roasters. This is one that was given to us for Christmas, and it’s a very nice brew.

The Bullet Journal

It’s a new year, so I’ve started with a brand new journal: a bright red Leuchttern 1917 dotted one to be precise. I’ve also decided to crack out the watercolour pencils this year and try to be a bit more creative. Today I’m going to be sharing my spreads for the year.


I’ve started with a rainbow watercolour page and a quote that I liked, as well as my version of a picture I saw on Pinterest. The quote says “Whatever happened over this past year, be thankful for where it brought you. Where you are is where you’re meant to be.” I don’t like having lots of white space at the start of a new journal so this was a nice way to fill it.


Next is my “hello 2019” page, another image before the main spreads of the year. I really enjoyed doing this one.


Next comes my “year at a glance” page which I stole from Kelly Rambles 2018 set up (sorry Kelly, thanks Kelly) which is already proving useful for checking what day it is! After that is my “Birthdays” page which I am hoping will help me to remember all the important birthdays. Last year, I put this at the back of my journal, and paid absolutely no attention to it at all.


My “future log” comes next, giving me a space where I can record important upcoming dates and information for months where I do not have my monthly spreads ready yet. This is something that I really struggled with last year, and this log was the perfect way to resolve that.


“A year in pixels” follows that (another idea I stole from BuJo Queen Kelly). I’ve never really managed to keep on top of monthly mood trackers, but I’m hoping this will work for me. It will be good to look back on the year and spot any trends, and colouring in a little square before bed is proving very satisfying so far.

The next section of my yearly BuJo planning is my Blog Planning Section.

I’ve started this one with a little sketch and a quote from Matilda by Roald Dahl: “If you are going to get anywhere in life you have to read a lot of books”. Seemed appropriate.

My first spread in this section is my “2019 books I’ve read”. These shelves look crammed! I read 181 books in 2018, and I’ve left space here for 200. I can’t wait to see how this looks when it fills up.


Following on from that are my “book post” pages where I plan to keep track of any books I receive from publishers as well as any Netgalley and ebooks for review.

Then I have my book challenge pages for the Hodderscape 2019 Reading Challenge and my OWLS Readathon challenge. I also have a TBR Tracker which has a square for every book I own on it. I plan to add a new square every time I buy or receive a new book, and colour in a square every time I clear one off the shelf. I thought this would be a nice, visual way to track my many unread books.

Finally, I have my blog calendar for the year. I’ve got the full year drawn out so I can plan in any blog tours etc for the rest of 2019. These are the pages that make my blog work. They’re a bit dull to draw out but so very useful!

Do you Bullet Journal? Show me your pages!


13 thoughts on “Coffee and… My 2019 Bullet Journal Set Up

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  1. Your hello page is beautiful!
    And I LOVE the idea of recording what you’ve read on the blank books spread – I might have to ‘borrow’ that if you don’t mind?!


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