Six for Sunday: Bookish Wishes


Another Sunday and our hostess of awesome Steph, is asking us to share six bookish wishes. Here are mine: 

1. A Melinda Salisbury / Sara Barnard collaboration. I don’t think the world is ready for that level of awesome, but I would wish for it all the same. 

2. An Ajita spin-off. Laura Steven’s The Exact Opposite of Okay was one of the most awesome books last year had to offer. I would sell my soul for more of Ajita. 

3. More Simon and Blue. Do I need to explain this one? 

4. More Cath and Reagan. I recently read and loved Fangirl, but already I need more Cath and more of Reagan’s sass. Thanks. 

5. More time for reading. Doesn’t every true bookworm have this wish?

6. More books. Can I wish for more books? Or is that like wishing for more wishes? 

What are your bookish wishes? 




6 thoughts on “Six for Sunday: Bookish Wishes

Add yours

  1. More Simon and Blue is the dream. I’d genuinely have series following them through their entire lives (which they will obvs spend together) if I could. An Ajita spin off sounds excellent also, yes please.
    And the last two sound perfect 😍
    Amy x

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