Books with the Boy: Harry Potter Studio Tour


After Christmas on the 3rd of January we went to the Harry Potter Studio tour. We went on a tour and we looked at the gift shop first then we got a passport and had a look around at what we might want to buy after the tour.

When we first went into the tour we went into the Great Hall and it had lots of tables and a little model of where the Yule Ball was taking part. And I got to see the Ravenclaw table because that is my house and I knew it was my table because it had blue ties and things on it. But it was right next to the Slytherin table which is not good.

After that we saw Harry Potter’s bedroom and the common room. And we saw the clock and the mirror of Erised and the pensieve in Dumbledore’s office which I stuck my head into.

There were two Albus Dumbedores. One was going on the stairs and the other one was standing next to his desk.

Then after this I went to a broomstick flying lesson and the broomstick came flying up into my hand when I said “up”. And then I went to fly on a broomstick with a green screen and I rode on a broom and I could see what we were flying over on my broomstick. I got to bring it home on a pen drive stick so that I can watch it.


After that we went to the Forbidden Forest. I saw the big Aragog and he was HUGE. I also saw Buckbeak who is my favourite. And when I got there I had to tell all the silly people that they should not try to touch Buckbeak without bowing to him first because if you do not bow to the Hippogriff then he might attack you like Malfoy got and these people were going to get attacked. So I did a bow down to Buckbeak and he bowed back.


Then we went to the Hogwarts Express and when you went on it there were carriages from all of the films and the Azkaban film one was all frosted from the Dementors. The Hogwarts Express was great and I liked it a lot.

After that we had a little break so I am going to stop here and tell you about this in part two of my tour blog post in a couple of weeks.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about it so far. Tell me if you have been to the Harry Potter Studio Tour and if you remembered to bow to Buckbeak. And tell me what was your best bit?

See you all soon,

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  1. LOVED LOVED LOVED this place. I’m going back again this year to see the Forbidden Forest. It’s one of those places that you just want to keep going back, (if you had all the money in the world though.) Haha.

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