Six for Sunday : Bookish Loves


Another Six for Sunday, and this week Steph is asking us to share our bookish loves. If you’re not already following her (you should be), go check out her list at A Little But A Lot.

1. Boy / girl friendships that don’t have to be anything more. I’m all for a good romance, but I do love a book where a boy and a girl can just be friends.

2. Amazing worlds. I love fantasy and I love being taken to really intricate and well written-worlds.

3. Emotional trauma. Yes. I like it when authors hurt me. I’ll probably need to see someone about that when I’m older.

4. Twists I can’t guess. I love a twist, but it has to be plausible and catch me unaware. I am very fussy.

5. Magic. Accio gin.

6. Grief storylines. I know. It’s an odd thing to love, but I do love a good grief story. It probably fits into my love of authors hurting me,

What are your bookish loves? 


7 thoughts on “Six for Sunday : Bookish Loves

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  1. All of Jess Butterworth’s books have male/female friendships, and her worldbuilding of her real settings is amazing, so I definitely recommend reading more of her books (especially since you loved When the Mountains Roared!). She does a pretty fine line in emotional trauma too, particularly in Running on the Roof of the World, but also in Swimming Against the Storm in terms of how stressed I was for the characters…
    Another male/female friendship I really liked recently was Poppy and Erasmus in The Peculiar Peggs of Riddling Woods!
    Amy x

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