Six for Sunday: Bookish Hates


Last week, I shared my bookish loves, this week it’s bookish hates. Thanks to Steph for another great Six for Sunday prompt.

1. Nonsensical twists. You know, the ones that you couldn’t possibly have guessed because they don’t make any sense, or they rely on information that the author hasn’t revealed in the book. I always feel cheated by these.

2. All plot, no character. If you write a good character I can get behind, then I’ll forgive almost anything in a plot. If I don’t care about a character, I’m not interested in their story.

3. Bad guys or girls with no redeeming features. I like my baddies to have some moral ambiguity about them, or a reason why they’re bad.

4. Really predictable plots. I am an absolute knacker for guessing the end of books (I blame my English degree) but if I can guess the ending in the first 10 pages then I’m not going to love a book.

5. Bad dialogue. If it reads like an essay or a really awkward conversation, the dialogue can really put me off a book. I have DNF books for bad dialogue alone.

6. No feelings. If I don’t feel anything (even if the feeling is anger, or horror), I’m not going to love a book. It has to give me feelings.

What things do you hate in books? 


6 thoughts on “Six for Sunday: Bookish Hates

Add yours

  1. Definitely agree with a lot of these, especially 2 and 6. I hate dialogue that doesn’t sound natural too, and as for predictable plots – I am the total opposite, I’m rubbish at guessing what’s going to happen so if I figure it out the plot really is too predictable!!
    I’ve joined in with S4S today too!


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