Books with the Boy: Harry Potter Studios Part 2


Hello every body I am back to tell you some more about my trip to Harry Potter studios Hogwarts in the Snow. If you want to read about the first half of the tour then my other post is here (mummy is going to make it so you can click that word and it will come up).


After the Hogwarts express we went to the cafe and we bought butterbeer to drink and also butterbeer ice cream, the drink was sweet and mummy and daddy did not like it, but I liked it and we all said the ice cream was quite yummy. We had our ice cream and butterbeer outside of Privet Drive and the Potter’s Cottage. and it was snowing outside from some machines that made it really magical.

Outside there was 4 Privet Drive and the cottage which looked stable but had a big crack in the roof from the Avada Kedavra that Voldemort did to Harry’s parents. And there was the Knight bus, and we saw the bridge that got destroyed in the battle of Hogwarts by Neville and his mates. Me and daddy had a ride on the flying motorbike that Hagrid drives and me and mummy went on the enchanted car from the Weasleys house.

Then we went inside and there was lots of magical creatures and Dobby was an animated figure. You had to stand on a special square and whatever actions you did on that square Dobby copied on the screen. So I taught Dobby to do the Floss, Take the L and the Dab. We saw the Monster Book of Monsters and when you put your finger on the glass it came running at you and chomping its teeth. And we saw magical creatures. We saw Fawkes, Merpeople, Mandrakes and a Thestral. We also saw the huge Aragog in the air and another Buckbeak sitting in the pumpkin patch.


Next we went to Diagon Alley and my favourite shops were Gringotts and Weasleys Wizard Wheezes. Mummy’s favourite shop was Flourish and Blotts because that has all of the books in it.

Then we saw all the models of Hogwarts and the big one took them 40 whole days to film and sometimes they used it in the films to show Hogwarts. After that we went to Ollivanders.

Last of all we went into the gift shop and I got a Quaffle ball, a Golden Snitch, a Harry Potter Ward, Fang, a Chocolate Frog and Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans.

My favourite bits of the studio were flying on the broomsticks, Buckbeak bowing and seeing the big Aragog crawl out of his case. Mummy thought Aragog moving was really gross. I would definitely go back to the studio again one day because I loved it.

Thank you for reading my posts about the Harry Potter Studios. I hope that you have enjoyed it. Have you been to the studios? If you have please let me know what was your favourite bit.

Bye for now,

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