Blog Tour: Where No Shadows Fall by Peter Richie.

Today is my spot on the blog tour for Where No Shadows Fall by Peter Richie.


About the Book

Grace den Herder’s life has moved on and while she has found a degree of peace with her family her career move away from the front line is proving more difficult than she thought. Eventually the strain begins to show and she worries for the future of her career and marriage. She’s asked to review a suicide in Barlinnie Prison and takes it on as a break from the desk and at first it seems to be no more than a box ticking exercise. She teams up with her old DCI Jimmy McGovern who seems fully recovered from a health problem and grabs the opportunity to work one last job before he retires.

The prisoner who committed suicide is Tommy McMartin at one time the heir to one of the most powerful criminal organisations in west Scotland. His life is taken apart when he is convicted for the horrific murder of a gay lover although he remembers nothing about it. His life inside is made impossible without support from his own family who have disowned him. As Grace reviews the case she uncovers some old skeletons, a trail of lies and she get dragged into a case that involves an old adversary Brenda McMartin who has been causing havoc across the Glasgow underworld. Big Brenda plans a robbery in Edinburgh from a rival gang which goes badly wrong and a complex series of events draws the main characters towards each other where the departed are taking their secrets the grave as Grace tries to uncover the truth of what happened to Tommy McMartin. At the same time someone watches her from the shadows and aches for revenge.

Where No Shadows Fall

My Thoughts:

This is the fourth Grace Macallan novel. I haven’t read any of the preceding ones and I do feel that knowing Grace’s history would have helped at times with understanding her side of the story, but that didn’t spoil my enjoyment of Where No Shadows FallFrom the opening chapters, I was hooked. Tommy’s part in the story is short and devastating but has huge repercussions. I loved that this focused on the criminal organisation and how this was affected by Tommy’s death. It also drags Grace back into working with her old adversaries (and I think this is where I really would have benefited from the back story). Big Brenda was by far my favourite character, she is a huge personality with a fascinating story, and the scenes towards the end of the novel between her and Grace were some of the most moving in the book. This is a brilliant, fast-paced crime novel, which would be perfect for fans of the Rebus books. I’ll certainly be getting my hands on the rest of the series!

About the Book: 

Title: Where No Shadows Fall
Author Name: Peter Richie
Genre: Crime (police procedural)
Link to Book: Amazon

I received a copy of this book from Black and White Publishing in exchange for a fair and honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or my review in any way.

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