Coffee and… A Happy February

It’s almost the end of another month, join me in a coffee and a look at the things that have been making me smile this month?

coffee and...

The Coffee:

Last week, we paid a visit to North Berwick and stocked up on beans from our faves at Steampunk. This week I’m drinking their Ethiopian Kayon Mountain and it’s just as tasty as ever.

The Happy Things: 

happy things

A visit from Neville and Dexter’s mums (and their owners). Reading on the train. Queenies weekend. A new piercing. Harry Potter escape room. Cocktail making. Wahaca lunch with blogger friend. Home to my boys. Dippy eggs. Getting a decent night’s sleep. Sofa snoozes. Wintery walk with my boy and my doggos. Productive days. Getting my Marie Kondo on and starting the big declutter. Nutella blondies. Tea out. Quiet days. Catching up on blogging. Neville being the goodest boy at dog school. Having time to read before work. Coffee. The Vintage Showcase evening at Newcastle. Fajitos. An octopus pin from a lovely friend. SONG OF SORROW. Just Mel in general tbh. Series Crackdown. Tacos and drinks with a friend. Sunday lunch with other friends. A trip to North Berwick with the boys. Neville’s first beach trip. Steampunk coffee. Getting to read a whole book in one sitting (twice). Trips to my faves at Waterstones Newcastle. New books. Ice-cream. A Girl Called Shameless. Breakfast date at Quilliams. Reading date with my lush friend. Quiet mornings. Snoozing on the sofa under a blanket with the sun shining through the window. Puppy cuddles. Meeting Holly Black and Cassandra Clare. 

So much happened this month! I have so many amazing things to look forward to in March too, so I am very excited for next month’s list. What’s been making you smile this month? 

4 thoughts on “Coffee and… A Happy February

Add yours

  1. Love reading these every month- they’re always so lovely 💜. I don’t really know what my favourite things about this month are- I keep meaning to start a happy things notebook but because I didn’t start from Jan 1st I don’t know…
    My 2nd unconditional from uni happened this month I think. That was pretty fab. Gilmore Girls and discussing Gilmore with you is a little injection of sunshine into every day. I got a few really unexpected interviews with authors which I loved doing. I bought/borrowed beautiful new books and got a few clothes things I loved (which is quite unusual for me!). The arrival of Easter eggs in shops and my subsequent devouring of too many given it’s February…
    Amy x


  2. You should start a book. I’m sure you can write in a few things from earlier this year that you’ve enjoyed and then pick up from there? 2 unconditional offers is amazing! I am living for our Gilmore chats.


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