A Bookish February

month in books

February has been A Month. I’m not entirely sure how it’s over already, but also, it seems to have been 84 years long (probably not helped by half term being in the middle).

This month my TBR was chosen by my lovely friend Cora. She picked some great (and big) reads for me this month, and I did not get off to a great start with them as I had a lot of proofs to read this month and also decided to start Queen of Air and Darkness at the start of the month, and that is a HUGE book (it’s basically a weapon). Thankfully, Series Crackdown readathon started on 15th February and helped me to squeeze a bit more reading into my days. I still haven’t finished all the books Cora put on my list; I have three left but I will be rolling those over to March when I have fewer proof commitments.


reading stats

Books Read: 12

Pages Read: 4,815

Star Ratings: 

5* : Queen of Air and Darkness by Cassandra Clare, Moxie by Jennifer Matthieu, The God of All Small Things by Joseph Lamb, Song of Sorrow by Melinda Salisbury, Tarnished City by Vic James (re-read), The Twisted Tree by Rachel Burge, Red Sister by Mark Lawrence, The Harm Tree by Rose Edwards, A Girl Called Shameless by Laura Steven, and Flawed by Cecelia Ahern.

4* : Where No Shadows Fall by Peter Richie,

3.5* : The Path Keeper by N. J. Simmonds,

TBR Updates

mount ted

This month I have been embracing the Marie Kondo way of decluttering and I have given my TBR it’s most brutal cull. I considered all the books I have to read, and I’ve got rid of those I’m not interested in, the ones that I would always pass over for a new release, and that the thought of reading didn’t “spark joy”.

Books Bought: 6

Books Received: 2

Challenge Updates

challenge updates

Goodreads:  26/175 which Goodreads says is on track, and who am I to argue with Goodreads?

Conquering Mount Ted: I started February with 257 books and ended with 210.

Hodderscape 2019 Reading Challenge: 3/12. This month I have ticked off Mythology or Folklore with The Twisted Tree by Rachel Burge, and Non-human Protagonist with N. J. Simmonds The Path Keeper (because an angel is not human, right?)

O.W.L.S. Readathon:  6/ 8. Charms (a fantasy book) with Song of Sorrow by Melinda Salisbury, Ancient Runes (symbol on the cover) with Queen of Air and Darkness by Cassandra Clare (which has a rune on the cover), and Herbology (nature) with The Twisted Tree by Rachel Burge.

I have read so many amazing books this month. I think this is the first time nearly everything I’ve read has been a 5* read. How’s your February been? 

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  1. I think I read 11 books in February, which I’m fairly pleased with. Reading only 2 less with 3 less days is pretty decent. You’re absolutely smashing your challenges so far, well done! And yay that you had so many 5 stars this month!
    Amy x

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