Books with the Boy: Laura Norder Sheriff of Butts Canyon by Guy Bass


Hello everybody today I am writing a review about Laura Norder Sheriff of Butts Canyon and an interview with the writer who is called Guy Bass.

My Review:

I liked Laura Norder the Sheriff of Butt’s Canyon because it was called Butt’s Canyon which is funny. I liked about the story that is was hilarious and there was a good mystery to solve trying to work out who was doing all of the naughty rule – breaking things. My favourite character was Mayor Poundcake because I liked his name. I think other children will like to read this because it is very funny. I give this book 15 stars out of 5.


Here is the interview:

Why did you call it Butts Canyon?
Well, since Butts Canyon is a town in the Wild West and I wasn’t even born then or there, I’ll let Laura answer this:
“Rule Number eighty-one – no asking why Butts Canyon is called Butts Canyon! Y’all had better not be laughing, giggling or otherwise snickering at my town’s name. I mean, no one laughs at the other towns, like Stumbling Falls or Dusty Passwind or Fort Fart…”
Why was the book set in a desert?
Well, the Wild West was mainly desert and horses. Possibly … I didn’t do much research. Still, I don’t think they’d have called it the Wild West if it was all rolling green hills and light rain with occasional sunny intervals. The Perfectly Pleasant West? There’s a story in there somewhere…
Who is your favourite character?
Spider-Man. Oh, wait, you mean my favourite character in Laura Norder? Laura herself was a lot of fun to write. I often write reluctant heroes so characters like Laura who drive the narrative are great. That said, I do have a soft spot for the outlaw, Ten Gun Ben. He pretends to be the meanest, rough ‘n’ toughest gunslinger since Nine Gun Norris but as Laura points out, deep down he’s “softer than a bunny rabbit on a goose down pillow.”
Who is your least favourite character?
Doctor Octopus. Oh, wait…
What is going to be your next book?
It’s called Skeleton Keys and it’s all about imaginary friends coming to life. And a skeleton with keys for fingers. And a monster. And a pirate with two wooden legs. And a girl with a backwards head. Creeping out of the shadows this Halloween…
Thank you for answering my questions Guy and Kirstin for sending me the book and everybody for reading. See you next time,
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