Would You Rather? Bookish Challenge

Today I’m doing the Would You Rather? Challenge set for me by Roxanne at An Average Life. I love a game of Would You Rather? so I really enjoyed doing this tag.

book tag

Would you rather read only at night for the rest of your life or only during the day?


Would you rather have the first page of a book missing or a random page missing in the middle?

First page

Would you rather you could only read books from independent authors or only read mass market paperbacks?

Mass market I guess, or I might miss out on too many favourites.

Would you rather live as a character in an old English classic or a fantasy novel?


Would you rather write to your favourite author and spell their name wrong or have them sign your book and spell your name wrong?

Them spell mine wrong. An alarming number of people spell it wrong anyway.

Would you rather have to choose your books by title only or by cover art only?

Cover art.

Would you rather write an entire book by hand or on the worlds oldest typewriter?

By hand.

Would you rather never watch any screen adaptations of your favourite books, or be forced to watch the book-to-screen creations of all your favourite books no matter how badly they are done?

Be forced to watch the creations of all my favourite books. I actually enjoy seeing how they’re interpreted and ranting about them.

My questions:

1. Would you rather only read standalones or only read series?

2. Would you rather only read contemporary or only read fantasy?

3. Would you rather drop your favourite book in the bath, or have it fall into a shredder?

4. Would you rather read a book that ended on a cliffhanger or one that broke your heart?

5. Would you rather have every book you read spoiled or never get to know how any book you read ends?

6. Would you rather your book was missing the first and last page, or a random page in the middle?

7. Would you rather be stuck on an island with no book to read, or stuck in a library where you couldn’t read any of the books?

8. Would you rather have your best friend hate your favourite book or your worst enemy love it?

I tag Amy, Sarah, and Steph.


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