A Happy March

As another month comes to an end, here’s what’s been making me happy this month.

happy things

Getting over my ear infection. Starting (and finishing) The Priory of the Orange Tree. Finding time for knitting. Bright rainbow knitwear. Suits. Salted caramel ice-cream. Coffee. Lazy Sunday mornings. S singing to The Beatles. Listening to S read. Sunday Roasts. Puppy snuggles. Getting a review / early copy of Scar. Devouring Scar in 3 hours. Wagas twice in a week. Samantha Shannon event chaired by Steph. The Grinch. Rosie Lea Sleepy Tea. Angie Thomas. Wine with Cora and Steph. Train reading. Witchy Trio. Mel’s launch. Mel. GF Sorrow cupcakes. Chilled morning in London. Fierce Fragile Hearts. Home to my boys. Fresh bedding. S’s Sam Wu costume. V.E. Schwab. Finding new places with GF menus. Eating out with bookish pals. T coming to stay. Quiet evening in. NYA Lit Fest. Alice! Great panels and many signed books. Priory themed necklace. Sleep. Caffeine. Husband cooking brunch. Great books. Sofa naps. Bullet journalling. Cold spring walks.

What’s been making you happy this March? 

6 thoughts on “A Happy March

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  1. I’m so glad you’ve had some happy moments in March despite being ill for most of it 💜💜. I am particularly thrilled you’re enjoying Suits. I keep meaning to start writing something down every day but the longer I go not doing it I feel weird starting mid-year, if that makes any sense. Some happy things I remember without having written them down are getting through my MRI scan, getting through all the coursework I’ve had on which has been hectic, finding some new dresses and pyjamas I LOVE, excellent new music and remembering how much I love some older stuff too and always books, obvs. I have had a pretty excellent reading month 😊
    Amy x

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