Coffee and… A Happy April

coffee and...

There’s less than a week left in April, so here I am, sitting down with a coffee to reflect on the things that have been making me happy this month. Join me?

The Coffee:

This week I am drinking a coffee from Square Mile Roasters, the El Diamante from Peru with tasting notes of nectarine and pecan pie. It’s definitely a nutty one.

happy things

The Happy Things:

Feeling well enough to attempt exercise. Sunny spring days. Spring cleaning (yeah, I know it’s weird). Reading with S. Making origami frogs. Catching up on my You Tube “Watch Later” list. B12 jab time: gimme all that energy. Early nights. Red Scrolls of Magic from Simon and Schuster. Long weekends. Daffodils. Sleep. Physio. New books. Lego Movie 2 with S. Pizza. Book post. Laura Steven. Wagas with my fave. The Burning : a phenomenal train read. Plans to organise S’s bedroom. Line of Duty. York in the sunshine. Fudge. New crystals. Quiet days. Reading. Gin. Sunshine. Yoga. Audiobooks. Coffee. Puppers. My boys. My friends. Quilliams. Setting the worlds to rights with my best bookish pal. Tea out with the Book Bitches. Scythe. Painting the kitchen. Finally writing my Song of Sorrow review. Good chats with Nana. Awesome lasagne. Cheeky cinema trip with the boy. Short work days. Game of Thrones. New Joanne Harris book. My coven. Husband. Good visits to Nana. Getting to see Grandparents awesome magnolia in flower for probably the last time. Tasty cheese from my fave Lancashire shop. Day with my sister and adorable niece. Williamson’s Park. Wallings ice cream. Evening stroll with the family. Home to my own bed! Easter egg hunts. Bank holiday trip to North Berwick.

What things have been making you happy this month?

4 thoughts on “Coffee and… A Happy April

Add yours

  1. I love reading these and seeing what all the highlights of your month were. I’ve finally started writing mine down (had to keep lots of points vauge while trying to catch up for the past 4 months 😂) because I love your posts so much, in fact.
    A few of mine from this month is finally finishing school even though it doesn’t feel quite real yet, reading so many books (I’m at 17 so far, which is a record so far this year!) and new music from Taylor Swift (bith the build up and the actual song being out and better than I ever thought it would be). Ooh, and the gorgeous new dresses I got.
    Amy x


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