The A-Z Bookish Survey Tag

Today I'm doing the A - Z Bookish Survey Tag. Sarah from Sarah Withers Blog did this and it gave her much pain. You'd think I'd have had the good sense to avoid it like the plague on that basis, but apparently not. Author you’ve read the most books from:  My answer to this is... Continue Reading →

Coffee and… A Bookish May

It's (just about) the end of another month. Join me in a coffee whilst I reflect on this month in books. The Coffee: Today I am drinking Jorge Bayardo Tapia (try saying that five times fast). This one is roasted by Workshop and has tasting notes of cherry jam, star anise and blackcurrant. The Books:... Continue Reading →

A Happy May

It's almost the end of another month. Here's the things that have been making me happy in May. My new tarot deck from my lovely Scottish friend. The sky finally breaking after days of close, migrainey weather. Plans with my best bookish pal. Nap times. Fresh flowers. Long weekends. Quiet days at home. Yoga (getting... Continue Reading →

I Should Have Read That Book Tag

Today I am doing the I Should Have Read That Book Tag created by Beth at Books Nest. I was tagged by Amy at Golden Books.  Tag Rules: Thank the person who tagged you and link back to their post Link to the creator’s blog ( in your post Answer the questions below Tag 10 others... Continue Reading →

Coffee and… My May Bullet Journal

This week I'm sitting down with my coffee to belatedly share my May Bullet Journal. Join me? The Coffee: This week I'm drinking a Steampunk fave, the Nicaraguan Corcasan, with tasting notes of chocolate and hazelnut. The BuJo: This month I've gone with a cherry blossom theme. It seems like I've been seeing beautiful blossom... Continue Reading →

Six for Sunday: 2019 Books I Want to Read

Another brilliant #SixforSunday prompt from Steph: 2019 books I want to read. Here are six of this year's releases that I've acquired and not yet read. Like my 2018 books I haven't read yet, I have no excuses or explanations, so I present these without comment: 1. The Middler by Kirsty Applebaum. 2. Once and... Continue Reading →

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