Mini Reviews: Fantasy and Dystopia

mini review

Slated by Teri Terry*

Kyla has been slated: convicted of a crime and sentenced to having her memory wiped before being rehabilitated into society. The story starts as Kyla’s new family take her home, and follows as she tries to adjust to her new life. Her new family are odd. Kyla is constantly cautious and on edge. It is hard to know who in her life she can trust and who poses a risk to her if they find out what she is hiding. Because Kyla is having memories that she shouldn’t have after the slating process and this puts her in a difficult position. She is being constantly monitored via her Levo, a device that tracks her emotional responses, and which Kyla is struggling to keep under control. I loved following Kyla’s journey. Slated is a fascintating and terrifying read. Perfect for fans of dystopian novels and Teri Terry’s other work. 

The Migration by Helen Marshall*


Sophie spent a lot of time playing dead as a child. but it stopped being fun when her sister, Kira, became ill with an immunodeficiency disorder that is spreading through the young. The girls and their mother go to live with Aunt Irene who they think can help them. Her specialism is disease: she is obsessed with the plague, and believes that this new disease sweeping the country could be a similar issue. This disease isn’t like anything they’ve seen before: the ‘dead’ children aren’t staying dead. They are transforming into something else. Children with the disease are trying to die to join their kind and the powers that be are desperately trying to stop them. Everyone in this book has their own agenda. It is gripping and fast-paced with big themes of grief, transformation and letting go as well as hope for survival and the power of nature to adapt. Definitely one for the dystopia fans.

Red Sister by Mark Lawrence

Nona finds her execution being cancelled at the last minute when she is rescued to a badass nun and taken to an convent / assassin training school. But, it soon transpires that Nona has crossed a rich, influential man who thinks he’s gods gift to the world, and he wants her back. I could stop there and you’d know this was an awesome book. At school, it’s revealed to Nona that there is a prophecy and that it could be her. Each of the nuns at the school has a different skill to teach, and some of them are terrifying. One of the biggest themes of this book is friendship and trust: not everything in this book is what it seems, and friendship is something Nona takes very seriously. This is a dark book, with lots of twists and plenty of stabbing. Red Sister is my ideal book, and would be perfect for fans of Nevernight as it has similar themes and ideas.

Books marked * were sent to me by the publishers / Netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review. Opinions are my own.




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  1. I need to try the Red Sister series! The more I hear about it, the more I am now intrigued and think I will have to get to reading it at some point this year!

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