Six for Sunday: 2019 Books I Want to Read


Another brilliant #SixforSunday prompt from Steph: 2019 books I want to read. Here are six of this year’s releases that I’ve acquired and not yet read. Like my 2018 books I haven’t read yet, I have no excuses or explanations, so I present these without comment:

1. The Middler by Kirsty Applebaum.

2. Once and Future by Amy Rose Capetta and Cori McCarthy.

3. Internment by Samira Ahmed.

4. The Binding by Bridget Collins.

5. Slayer by Kiersten White.

6. The Girl King by Mimi Yu.

What books have you obtained this year and not yet read?

6 thoughts on “Six for Sunday: 2019 Books I Want to Read

Add yours

  1. I have read The Girl King and enjoyed it, have borrowed both The Middler and Internment from the library and am hoping to read all of the others too! I have acquired lots of books without yet reading them – have just bought three more bookshelves as the book piles were taking over!


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