Book Review: The Fandom Rising by Anna Day

This book is absolutely amazing. Go and read it right now. Thank you and goodnight. Or read on if you want an actual review from me.

The Fandom Rising is the sequel to Anna Day’s brilliant debut The Fandom and I have been so excited for this since I first learned it was going to be a thing. I squealed when it arrived and then ate it whole on a train to work. I was 14 pages from the end when I arrived at the office, so I had to ignore everyone for a while longer until I finished it.

“In less than a week, my brother will die.”

This book starts with a hell of a punch. It is written from Alice and Violet’s perspectives and takes us straight back into the girls’ brilliant friendship, the events of book one seemingly forgotten. As the story goes on, it turns out they haven’t forgotten, they’re just not talking about it.

Alice and Violet have co-authored a sequel to The Gallows Dance: The Gallows Song. As this is first mentioned, they’ve been tagged in a negative review (don’t do this kids, it’s a dick move) by someone who thinks the sequel needed to be darker and more dystopian. Their agent, Timothy, wants them to write another book and go to comic con (Timothy is not the brightest button in the box) and he threatens to get someone else to write the book if they won’t. No Timothy. Timothy is a bad boy. I do not like Timothy.

Following the meeting with the agent, Violet gets really cross with Alice, yelling at her about the betrayal during The Fandom. When they eventually have the conversation about what happened before, emotions run high all round. It is uncomfortable reading. I felt so sad for them all and wanted to give them a big hug. It gets worse when Violet’s parents spring an unpleasant surprise and she determines to head back into the world of The Gallows Dance / The Gallows Song to save Nate.

This all happened by page 45. I was not okay at all. It’s a gripping start, and it remains so throughout. Just like it’s predecessor, The Fandom Rising is filled with all the best insults. I think “two-face nipple ache” might be my new favourite, but it’s up against some stiff competition. Katie’s insults give me life. She remained my favourite character in this book, but Alice came a close second.

We get to see a lot more of Alice in this book and hear her point of view, which we didn’t have in The Fandom. Katie and Violet are constantly in danger in The Gallows Dance / The Gallows Song and unlike last time, they don’t know what they have to do to complete the story and go home: this time, there is no plot to follow because the story is being driven by unpredictable fan-fiction. The addition of passages of fan-fiction in this book were brilliant. I loved seeing where they took the original story and how they impacted on Katie, Violet and Nate. Anna’s attention to details in this book is brilliant, and I know I am going to have to read it again because I’m sure there are some details I missed whilst inhaling the story.

Alice is on the outside trying to work out who Fanboy is and how she can save her friends. She is determined and just wonderful in this book. She makes a new friend, Danny, who goes out of this way to help her. He is a brilliant addition and makes Alice braver:
“Danny doesn’t make me feel powerless, quite the opposite; he makes me feel like I can be a good person.”

But even with him there are some things Alice can’t / won’t open up about. She does some questionable things, but she has her friends best interests at heart, and she will stop at nothing to bring them home safely, even at the risk of her own safety. I loved her in this book.
The Fandom Rising is an action-packed, thrilling and highly emotional ride. It will give you feelings, and not all of them good. I adore Anna Day, but there is one thing in this book I may never forgive. A perfect sequel. If you enjoyed The Fandom, you will love this!

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Opinions are my own.

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  1. I just started this yesterday and almost finished! Can honestly say that I’m feeling the exact same emotions as you right now! The Fandom series is addictive and honestly, I cannot out it down for more than a few seconds.

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  2. Thanks for posting this review. I loved reading your thoughts on the book. Unfortunately, I really didn’t like the first book, so I’m probably going to skip it, but I enjoyed reading why you liked it so much ❤

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