Coffee and… My May Bullet Journal

This week I’m sitting down with my coffee to belatedly share my May Bullet Journal. Join me?

coffee and...

The Coffee:

This week I’m drinking a Steampunk fave, the Nicaraguan Corcasan, with tasting notes of chocolate and hazelnut.

The BuJo:

This month I’ve gone with a cherry blossom theme. It seems like I’ve been seeing beautiful blossom trees everywhere recently, and I love them. Unfortunately, I lack the artistic skill to draw a realistic one, but me and my watercolours have given it a good go.

First up is my Title Page with a blossom tree and petals down the right-hand side.


Next up is my trusty Month at a Glance page, with some things written in because I neglected to take a photo before I started filling it in. For this page I tried to do a couple of close up blossoms and added a green background for some additional colour. This page is one spread I could not do without.



Following that are my To Do List and Books Added Page. For the To Do List I have drawn blossom down the sides and coloured the top blue (for the sky) and the bottom green. And on the Books Added I have drawn a tree. I don’t intend to add many books this month (really, honestly, truly I don’t) which is why I chanced doing a bigger image on this page, although I might end up writing the books over the tree if I need to.


After that come my Chore and Habit trackers. I’ve stuck to the same colour theme, this time colouring the check boxes for some additional colour on these pages. I’ve added a quote down the side of each. The content of the trackers remains more or less the same as last month with a couple of minor tweaks to the Habits I’m tracking this month.


Finally I have my Happy Things which I’ve spread over two pages. I tried to go for the image of a row of blossom trees. This hasn’t turned out quite as I hoped it would, but with the happy things written over the top it doesn’t look too bad, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out at the end of this month.


And that’s my journal for another month!

If you have any suggestions for a June colour scheme (I’m struggling) then comments below would be appreciated. Similarly, I’m looking for some new and interesting spread ideas. I don’t want my journal (or related posts) to get boring!


4 thoughts on “Coffee and… My May Bullet Journal

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  1. I love cherry blossom, and yours are all gorgeous! You underestimate your artistic ability hugely! I love seeing these posts. What about a rainbow theme for June? Or maybe lots of yellow and Orange? They’re the main colours I think of when I think of summer. X

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