Six for Sunday: Books I Want to Be Written


This week’s #SixforSunday is giving us the chance to wish for books we want to be written. Thanks Steph for the early Christmas present! This was fun.

1. Vampire Mermaids. Vampires and Mermaids have been very popular separately. I would like to see them combined to make super-dark, stabby, immortal mermaids. Thank you.

2. All of the witchy books. I am loving the resurgence in books about witches and witchy things. I have been obsessed with Circe and Other Words for Smoke this year and am desperate for more. There cannot be enough witchy books in all of the world for me.

3. More myth retellings. I have really enjoyed Circe (did I mention that yet?) and The Song of Achilles so far this year, and I have a few more books in a similar vein on my shelves (although I doubt they’ll live up to the brilliance of Madeline Miller). I am all here for more myth re-tellings, especially if they’re written by this author.

4. More feminist books with dragons. Maybe this is an odd niche, but it really should not be! The Priory of the Orange Tree blew me away. I need more feminist books and more dragons. All the dragons!

5. More political high fantasy. Let’s be real, this is really more Melinda Salisbury isn’t it? But the Sorrow books combined brilliant high-fantasy books with serious political issues. And I could stand to read a few more books like this.

6. Can there be wolves or crows next? We’ve had many mermaids and dragons (no complaints, I love them both); we’ve also had talking cats and Sarah Maria Griffin gave us a talking wallpaper owl. Can we have wolves or crows next? They’re my favourites (along with polar bears), and I’d really like some in an awesome books. Thanks.

What books would you like to see in the world? 

5 thoughts on “Six for Sunday: Books I Want to Be Written

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  1. I’ve been holding off on commenting on this to see if I could think of anything that fit these but I can’t think of any 😭. There’s an amazing wolf in the Last Wild books, though. I hope all your wishes eventually get granted, and I totally agree that more political fantasy would be BRILLIANT. West Wing but fantasy was an excellent description of State of Sorrow, and I’d love more books in that niche so much.
    Amy x

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