Six for Sunday: Baddies who deserve their own story


This is such a fun #SixforSunday prompt, and I really enjoyed working out which baddies I would most like to have their own stories. Thanks Steph!

1. Danny from The Exact Opposite of Okay by Laura Steven. I don’t understand what made Danny feel so entitled to Izzy’s affection. I want to know his side of the story, what made him risk his friendships the way he did. I also want to know more about his life because he had some interesting things going on that, understandably, weren’t the focus of these books.

2. Morgane Dubois from The Strawberry Thief by Joanne Harris. Morgane comes in on the wind, much as Vianne did at the start of Chocolat, and she leaves just as abruptly. We know little about her other than she is also a witch, and she has a special affinity / power with tattoos and bringing out people’s inner stories. I would love to know more about her and her backstory.

3. Vespus Corrigan from Sorrow by Melinda Salisbury. So many questions. Vespus is genuinely one of the most vile men to have ever been written, and I want to understand where it came from. I want to know why he chooses to use his power over nature in cruel ways.

4. Scythe Goddard from Arc of a Scythe by Neal Schusterman. Goddard is a very different Scythe to the others we get to know. I want to know his backstory, how his training led him to working the way he does and what happened to him to make him want to cause pain like this.

5. Father John from After the Fire by Will Hill. Cults fascinate me. The idea of being able to brainwash a group of people and have them follow something that to the outside world seems to absurd boggles my brain. I would like to know why Father John does it, what motivates him and how his initial vision went so awry.

4. Mayor Longsight from the Skin books by Alice Broadway. I hate this man with every fibre of my being, but I also want to understand him. His god-complex in the last book especially fascinates me. I want to know what goes on inside his strange little head.

Which baddies would you like to see in their own books?







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  1. I’m not sure I’d be able to cope reading a Vespus book because he is TERRIFYING (esp after he meets that creepy wife of his…) but in theory I’d love an origin story for him! Giving Danny his own book would be so interesting.
    Amy x

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  2. Ooh yes to Scythe Goddard- how did he even get past all the screening etc considering he is so apparent in his contempt and disrespect for the original meaning of Scythes- is he a sociopath or did something happen in his training to change him! Excellent idea!

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