Coffee and… A Happy June

Yep. It’s that time of the month again. Join me in a coffee whilst I reflect on some of the things that have been making me happy this month?

coffee and...

The Coffee:

This week I am drinking another coffee roasted by Clifton. The Rwandan Nyamagabe Buf Ramera has tasting notes of wild honey, clementine and cranberry. You definitely get the taste of the clementine and the scent of wild honey in this one. It’s a gorgeous coffee.

The Happy Things:

happy things
Wallings ice cream. Dog walking by the river. Walks with my sister. Series Crackdown readathon. Visits to Nana. Being back home in my own bed. My new baby nephew arriving safely in the world. Rescuing a pet cactus from a Paperchase sale. Presents from my Queen. Coming home after a long day of work. Gin! Hassleback potatoes. Buying baby clothes for my nephew. Yoga (I am getting so much more flexible)! Getting my furniture from Nana’s house all settled in. My writing desk. Sleep. Food with the Book Bitchezz. Unexpected catch up with the lovely Anna Day. Killing Eve. Blogging. Good books. Husband. Sunday lunches. Days off work. Decorating the kitchen. Sunshine. Good Omens. Coffee. Sticky toffee pudding. White chocolate magnums. Fresh raspberries. Peonies. Cacti (S has named them Steve and Tony). Celebrating Father’s Day with my favourites. Sleep! Catching up on reviews. Warm nights. Finishing Good Omens…and starting it again. White chocolate buttons. Fresh cherries. Plans with friends I haven’t seen for a while. Audio books. Fresh bedding. Sleeping with the windows open. Getting my TBR under 200. DNFing books I just can’t get on with. Evening dog walks with husband. Good work crack. Beach walks. Breakfast at Daisy Clough. Meeting my baby nephew! Spending the day with my sister and her family. Visit to Nana. Fresh cut roses from Nana’s garden. Toy Story 4 with the boy. Evening beach walk. The North Sea gave me more hag stones.ย 

What’s been making you happy this month?ย 

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