Books with the Boy: Q& A About The Unlucky Eleven by Phil Earle

Hello everybody. Today I have got a Q and A about The Unlucky Eleven by Phil Earle. This is a book about a real life football team and a real life boy called Stanley who is Phil’s child. There is some more writing here about Stanley and his dad Phil, and about the books that Phil has written. I liked reading about this because I like superheroes and football too, and I really liked the photo of Stanley dressed as Captain America with Thor’s hammer mjolnir and Batman’s mask. I think I am going to try out this costume at home.


Here are some questions that I asked to the author of The Unlucky Eleven and his answers.

Some Questions for Phil by S aged 7 (mum said I have to write 7 even though I will be 8 in a few weeks)

1. Why did you want to write about football? 
I wanted to write about footie for a couple of reasons: it’s long been my passion, but also, my son, who the book is about, is football barmy right now, so I thought we could read it together!
2. Why did you choose a black and white football kit like Newcastle United? 
The Saints play in black and white because they are based on my son Stanley’s REAL team….
3. Who is your favourite football team? 
I support the greatest football team the world has ever seen…HULL CITY. COME ON YOU TIGERS!!!
Noooooooooo! Newcastle are the best team ever – S. 
4. Who was your favourite character and why? Mine was Stanley. 
I’m so pleased you like Stanley (as he’s my son!). All the players are based on REAL players in their team, and I’m a big fan of Hettie. she’s the only girl in their squad, but she is pretty awesome. A great player!
5. Are you going to write any more books about football? If not what are you going to write about next?
I would love to write another book about Stanley’s team. Maybe they could go on tour and have another adventure…I’m also writing a book about World War 2 at the moment, which is really exciting!!
I really hope that Phil writes another book about Stanley’s football team because I really liked The Unlucky Eleven and I would give it 25* out of 10. Do you like football? What is your favourite team?
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  1. Wow S what a great set of questions! My favourite football team in Manchester City and I have loved them for such a long time!

    I hope you dress up in that outfit, I think you would look AMAZING!

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