Six for Sunday : Books and the Seaside


This week, Steph is challenging us to pair books with the seaside. When I go to the seaside with a book, I want something relatively quick and completely gripping. The following are books from my TBR that I think would be great seaside reads:

1. Seven Days of You by Cecilia Vinesse. Sophie has seven days before she has to leave Tokyo and then her friend and secret crush moves back, just as she is preparing to leave. This is bound to be a gripping read.

2. Torn by Cat Clarke. Cat Clarke’s books are always impossible to put down, so I am sure I could spend a few hours at the beach with this one.

3. Boy Underwater by Adam Baron. This is about a boy learning to swim and a family mystery, and the beach sounds like the perfect place to read this one.

4. Explorers on Witch Mountain by Alex Bell. I adored The Polar Bear Explorers Club by the same author. It was the first middle grade book I read and I couldn’t put it down. I have high hopes for this one.

5. Paper Avalanche by Lisa Williamson. Lisa writes amazing books, and I have heard only good things about this one. Maybe if I sit in the sea and read it, no-one will notice if I cry.

6. Juniper Lemon’s Happiness Index by Julie Israel. This one could be a sad read, but it sounds like it would be a quick, page-turning read, so I would definitely take it to the seaside. With gin in my travel mug.

Which books would you pack for a day at the seaside? 

6 thoughts on “Six for Sunday : Books and the Seaside

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  1. I enjoyed Seven Days of You, so I’m hoping I might read Summer of Us before this summer is over. Although there are so many things I’d like to read I’ve no clue how I’ll get to them all 😂
    Boy Underwater is wonderful. And Polar Bears 2 is SO good. I almost envy you for not having read it though because you’ll have less time to wait before the next one where the cliffhanger (fingers crossed) will be resolved.
    Amy x

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