Mini Reviews: Recent Reads

In this edition of Mini Reviews, I’m sharing reviews of some brilliant recent reads which just haven’t fit into any of my recent categories, but I don’t want them to feel left out.

mini review

The Extinction Trials: Rebel by S. M. Wilson

Rebel is the explosive finale in The Extinction Trials trilogy. I have loved every one of these books, and this was no different. It starts with a group of people from Earthasia moving to Piloria (the dinosaur content). Having depleted their own land of resources they are moving to another to avoid extinction. This book really highlights the total lack of respect many humans have for the world they live in: these characters see Piloria as another land they can colonise and take from without any respect for the existing life. This leads to tension between the new inhabitants and those, like Stormchaser, who have made Piloria their home and lived in peace with the dinosaurs. There are some terrifying developments in the dinosaurs, the danger is real and the story just as thrilling as its predecessors. I really loved the love interest in this book and I am so happy that my favourite ship sailed! But there are also some really sad moments in this book. It definitely kept me on my toes until the very end, and I don’t quite know how I am going to fill this dinosaur-shaped hole in my heart now the series is over.

Unboxed by Non Pratt

Unboxed is a short story that packs a real punch. I read this in one sitting, because I was so invested in the story and I couldn’t put it down. It is a quick, gripping read and I loved the concept. Unboxed is about an estranged group of friends meeting up to open a time capsule after one of their number has died. It is packed with the pain of growing apart from your friends, the grief of losing a friend when you are young, secrets and nostalgia. Every character in this book is hiding something that they are forced to confront over the course of the night they spend together. Their dead friend encourages them to open up to each other and they all start to feel better for it. This book is sometimes awkward, often sad, but ultimately a hopeful read. I definitely recommend this one if you haven’t already read it.

Show Stopper by Hayley Barker

Hoshiko is a circus performer. She is one of the Dregs, seen as “lesser” members of society. Ben is a Pure (one of the “betters”), and son of the powerful government minister responsible for “the Dreg problem”. One day he goes to the circus with his mother and falls for Hoshiko. A romance between them would be forbidden, and also a great source of shame for Ben’s mother, but that’s not going to stop him. Ben has seen what happens to the Dregs and he wants change. The circus Ringmaster, Silvio (half Pure, half Dreg) dreams up increasingly dangerous and terrifying stunts, designed to injure and kill his Dreg performers. We later find out what happens to the performers who don’t survive the performances, and I was not ready to read that. I am still a little haunted. This book can be gross, cruel and inhumane. But it is also captivating, and hopeful. Hoshiko and Ben give hope for a better world, one where people aren’t segregated and treated like animals. I couldn’t put this book down. I loved Ben and Hoshiko and really look forward to reading what happens to them next.

Have you read any of these? What books have you read recently? 

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  1. I love Unboxed- it’s a toss up between that and Remix for my fave Non book! I don’t think either of the other 2 sound very me, but I’m so glad you enjoyed them. I know how much you like Extinction Trials.
    Amy x


  2. I read Unboxed last year and absolutely loved it! I love how the friendship is written and Non’s writing so I really need to read more of her work. I loved Rebel too! It was just a fantastic way to conclude the series – I especially loved how the love story plotline came to close and loved that it didn’t become the main focus. I’m just gutted the series is over now because I want to know more about Piloria and the dinosaurs!

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  3. I participated in my very first mini review Monday today and because I’m so new to the meme I’ve been checking out other MRM posts and I’m loving getting quick glimpses into people’s thoughts on books I’ve heard about for ages. Example: I’ve had the extinction trials on my radar for what feels like years and clearly need to move it up with all the positive reviews I keep seeing!

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