Coffee and… A Happy July

Ok, it’s not quite the end of the month, but it’s Wednesday, it’s time for coffee, and I feel like sprinkling some pre-YALC joy around before I head down south for a long weekend of book heaven. Join me?

coffee and...

The Coffee:

I’m drinking another Clifton coffee this week. The Finca Capetullo from Guatemala with tasting notes of mulberry, blackcurrant and molasses. This coffee is as good as it sounds.

The Happy Things:

WIMBLEDON. I love Wimbledon. Plans to see friends I haven’t seen for ages. The best TBR ever chosen by my fave book people. Pizza for tea. Feeling organised. Raspberries. Popcorn! Doggos. So many good book events to look forward to. Coffee. Yoga. Tennis. S. Husband. Awesome books. Surprise flowers from Bloom and Wild. Day in Sheffield with friends. Sunshine! Lunch with prosecco. Cinema trips. Snoozes. Ice-cream sundaes. Dog walks on the beach. The North Sea. Fresh bedding. Finally finishing knitting crowns! Having the best Waterstones of all the Waterstoneses (or whatever the plural is). Pics of my baby nephew. Awesome tennis. Super cute doggos. Getting flowers from Nana’s garden. Enjoying a last tea in Nana’s garden in the sunshine. Time with my sister and her family. Pride Panel awesomeness. Meeting Alice Oseman again. Meeting Simon James Green again. Meeting Savannah Brown for the first time. Wagas with my fave. New books! Prepping for YALC. Finally getting a decent night sleep. Meeting friends. S finishing Year 3. S turning himself into a rainbow and living his best life. Barter Books. A brand new baby nephew (yes that’s two new babies now!) Great book events to look forward to. Planning for a long weekend with my best bookish pals. 

Do you keep a list of happy things? What’s been making you smile this month?


4 thoughts on “Coffee and… A Happy July

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  1. I started keeping a list of happy things because of you and I really like doing it! It’ll be really nice to have them to look back on too (I do mine in a gorgeous glittery notebook that I think I’ve shown you?). Always love reading yours!
    Amy x

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