Books with the Boy: Nellie Choc-Ice and the Plastic Island by Jeremy Strong (illustrated by Jamie Smith)


In this edition of Books with the Boy, S and I are sharing a joint review of Nellie Choc-Ice and the Plastic Island written by Jeremy Strong and illustrated by Jamie Smith, which was sent to us by the lovely Kirstin at Barrington Stoke.

About the Book: 

Nellie Choc-Ice is on her way home to the North Pole at last! But things don’t go so smoothly when Captain Beardy-Beard’s trusty submarine grinds to a halt in an island of plastic – and they aren’t the only ones who are trapped. It’s up to Nellie to untangle everyone from the mess … But what are they going to do about all this plastic in the ocean? A touching and funny Little Gem from an author-illustrator dream team!

S’s Thoughts:

I thought Nellie Choc-Ice was a brilliant penguin and I was so happy when she managed to get back home. I loved her and I saw some macaroni penguins just like her at the zoo. I liked the story and how they got rid of all the plastic that had ended up in their home. It made me angry that there was so much plastic and why can people not use less instead of it all being in the environment and getting into the ocean. I think this would be a good learning book. It isn’t real but it is a story about something that is real and I think that they will enjoy reading about it. I would give this book 6000 stars out of 10.

My Thoughts:

I loved this book. S and I took it in turns to read a page each, and we both enjoyed it. s found it easy to read and enjoyed having parts read to him. This book would be a great way to introduce children to the concept of plastic waste and the impact on the environment. This is something S is already concerned about, so the story gave him a way to explore the issue in more detail and think about ways that we can reduce our plastic and help the environment. The illustrations in this book deserve special mention because they’re brilliant. S fell in love with Nellie Choc-Ice, so much so that when we went to Edinburgh Zoo for his birthday, the macaroni penguins were the main thing he was interested in, and he came home with a teddy of one that he’s named Nellie Choc-Ice.

Have you read Nellie Choc-Ice? Do you know of other accessible children’s books that deal with environmental issues in a fun way?


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